Joomla CMS for Building Websites

What is Joomla you ask?  You may have seen it listed in your hosting control panel but have not had enough time or courage to install it and play with it.  But fear not, we are going on a little tour of one of the most popular content management systems in the world.

Joomla Content Management System CMS

Joomla is Open Source for All

Like WordPress, Joomla is open source and free for everyone to use under the GPL license.  Unlike WordPress, it didn’t start out as a merely a blogging platform but it was built from the ground up as a true content management system (CMS).

Award Winner, Extensible and Easy to Use

This system of dynamic website creation has been the recipient of industry awards.  It allows you to build websites and full-featured database driven web applications that are highly professional and functional. Some of the aspects that have made Joomla so popular is the fact that it is very easy to use and highly extensible allowing for an easy and logical growth of your web application or online portal over time.Ease of use is the hallmark of Joomla allowing new and would-be web developers to produce dynamic and database connected websites for clients, all without knowing html, JavaScript, java, or any server or client side code or relational database design.

Joomla is Easy to Install

Joomla is typically included in most hosting company control panels for easy auto-install convenience but it can also be downloaded directly from if your host does not offer it or you self-host.

Used by the Big Boys

Some recognizable companies and organizations that use Joomla include Harvard University, IHOP, Citibank and many city, county state, and provincial government entities.

Extension Library

The Joomla Extension Library provides easy and fast searchable access to the literally thousands of extensions.  Most of these are free under the GPL license agreement.  This gives you the ability as a web developer to harness high-quality and secure extensions designed to deliver just about any kind of website functionality you or your client can think of.

Application Framework

If you are a more seasoned developer looking to add dynamic content for more robust clients, then you’ll find Joomla’s application framework very powerful and actually easy to use considering the level of build potential.  This framework allows you to develop very refined, high-level functionality that could possibly run even the largest of fortune 500 websites.  Build reservation systems business directories, product catalogs, data reporting displays, inventory control systems and much more.

Familiar Technologies

Joomla is built on the underlying technologies of PHP with MySQL as the database engine. These are highly used and standard dynamic web-based application development technologies.  Any application built on these technologies allow other developers and collaborators contribute and/or take over where you may have left off in order to continue to build-out the functionality of your project.

Only the Beginning for Joomla

Joomla will be around for a long time as it is an open source CMS with a very large community of dedicated developers.  The community continues to grow with over 200,000 users and contributors.