Choosing a Website Hosting Company

So, you want to find the best hosting company for the next big thing? Our goal is to assist you in your quest for not only the best hosting company, but the right hosting company for your particular hosting need.

What Hosting or Domain Registry Should I choose?

Far too many individuals spend too little time considering all of the aspects of websites hosting and tend to go with the most visible company most recognizable due to the fact they flood media with flashy ads or highly notable sponsorship of a mainstream sporting events. If this is the case in your situation, then you need to ask yourself if all that money spent on promotional efforts is diverting resources away from what is important.  Continually upgraded and the highest quality equipment and infrastructure, adequate bandwidth, and security, along with the best support staff with the best available troubleshooting and analytical resources.

Website Hosting Company Choices

Every Website Project is Different

Every website project and website designer or development company is different.  Each has an entirely different set of needs and requirements.  Some websites are for simply mom and pop business that consist solely as a simply informational static format with no advanced functionality such as database connectivity, forums, polls, blogs, content management systems, or ecommerce needs.   Other projects could literally cost millions of dollars to develop with complex dynamic content requiring lots of server space and bandwidth.

Content Management Systems

The specialized WordPress Drupal and Joomla developer may require more resource intensive or specialized needs and direct host company access to these content management systems via the control panel. Many times these content management apps require proper database and server configurations, quick server response and snappier load times. They may requires a more sophisticated support team who is able to assist with the issues surrounding these type of sites.

Some Main Questions to Ask when Reviewing or Comparing a Website Hosting Company

Some of the main premier questions an individual requiring a website hosting company should ask is, what kind of online project will I be developing and what are my long-term goals and needs surrounding this project?  Will my project be a simple static informational page, an online store, a blog or a social media site full of interactive functionality?   Will I possibly be building additional projects for others sometime in the future?  Will I be doing ongoing work for many clients or a single project for my personal small business?

Then comes the questions individuals typically don’t consider.  Some of those can include, will my need change over time?  If you are only interested in setting up a simple blog to review products or services, will you may eventually want to make the venture profitable by selling some products associated with your reviews?  If so, this will require ecommerce functionality and you want a host who is credible and has experience in ecommerce systems. Are you doing a website for the first time for a friend’s company that may lead to other opportunities to build websites for other small business owners as the word gets out about your abilities?  Then you will want to consider a plan that allows you to host multiple sites or even possibly a reseller program where you can make a percentage of profit on the resold hosting.

Cookie Cutter Verses Classic Control Panel Hosts

Some of the new cookie cutter, drag and drop website hosting companies only allow their own specialized applications on their servers that many times require monthly payments attached to the monthly hosting fees for each and every app you add.

You won’t find this with the long-standing, full-featured website hosting companies that utilize the standard control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere or Interworx.  These control panels typically give you access to many open source and free scripts and web applications all without monthly charges.


So then, just how do you decide which hosting company to use given your unique requirements and demands?  What hosting plan from any given company is right for you?  That’s where Act Now Hosting comes in.  Our reviews of a specialized handful of hosting companies will grow with time and many times get into more depth than other review sites to help you figure out the best company for your specific unique hosting needs.

We are determined to grow this website over time to include as many developing details surrounding a growing list of the most reputable website hosting companies.  Stay tuned as we keep you informed.